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Solar energy, energy efficiency, automation products and services.

Solar Energy Systems

Millions of Americans are joining in the solar energy movement whether it be by installing solar panels on their home or business, purchasing solar equipment for a DIY project, or joining the network of solar energy professionals who get the job done. VARASOLAR™ brings these groups of people together by offering useful resources within the industry that aren’t inflated, making solar easier no matter how you participate.

Energy Efficient Products

Our services and products are viable solutions for dependable and sustainable energy. Choosing our services will grant you peace of mind, knowing you are taking a big step to reduce your own carbon footprint.

In addition to saving the planet, you will save hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Vara USA Energy Store’s products and services will reduce your energy consumption rate, saving you substantial amounts of money every month.

Solar made simple with


VARASOLAR™ offers profitable solutions that reduce your carbon footprint and how much you spend on lighting, heating, and cooling your home.

Vara Construction Services

Vara Construction, founded in 2007, is a general contractor located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in exterior and interior renovations and maintenance, Vara Construction offers a broad array of construction projects that maintain the beauty and value of our shared community. We take pride in ensuring our clients and neighbors get the very best in value and service.

Solar For your home

Ever wonder about the major components that make up a residential solar power system? So did I until I went through the process of installing a solar array at my house in 2010.

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